Service Pricing

Call us and ask if we can do a job that you do not see on our list.

Other services

Edging of sidewalks and curb liines


Make your sidewalk, driveways and curbs look crisp throughout the season

Bed Re-defining


Grass/yard and flower/mulch beds starting to come together again? Ask us about our re-defining machine that will put and nice new deep edge around your beds, stopping the grass from invading into the mulch



Trimming of weeds, around fences, trees and other obstacles is done with every cutting. We can also trim (with a weed trimmer) large lots during construction or sale.

Hedging/Bush Trimming/Planting


We can trim all your hedges to make them look clean and sharp. We also plant flowers and can plant small decorative trees in beds or create new areas with shrubs, hedges or plants. 

Power Washing Sidewalks, Driveways


Want your sidewalk to look new again without replacing the concrete? Minerals in your water staining your driveway from years of watering your grass? Ask us about our Power Washing service. We use a large high pressure disc to remove mineral stains and weather stains making your concrete areas look new again.

Don't see what you need on our list?


Call us and ask. We have contacts with several local area contractors that do just about anything. From decks, home improvements, sprinklers and well pumps to almost anything you can think of. We can get you in contact with the right person for your job if we cannot do it ourselves.